The following committees of two or more members each shall be appointed by the President: Audit, Budget, Legislative, Nominations, Education, Certification, and ByLaws. Membership in the Budget committee includes the President-elect and Vice President. The President may form any other committees that the President deems necessary during his/her term.

OACTFO 2020-21 Committee List

Executive Board Hospitality Education
Brandie McNamee, President Corazon (Cora) Gruenberg Michelle Hawkins, Chair
Jennifer Elkins, President Elect Linda McConkey Mary Otley, Chair
Shannon Bell, Vice President Cheryl Nelson Jennifer Forsyth
Robert Tintle, Secretary/Treasurer Mary Otley Monica Steele
Debbie Parsons, Past President & Custodian Debbie Parsons
AOC Liaison Legislative Conference Planning
Brian Nava, Chair Laurie Steele, Chair Shannon Bell
Jennifer Elkins, Chair Shannon Bell Jennifer Elkins
Brandie McNamee Debbie Parsons Brandie McNamee
Mary Otley
Debbie Parsons
Audit Policy & Procedures Manual Photography
Jennifer Forsyth, Chair Shonelle Dutcher Shannon Bell
Alice Durflinger Gayle Gutierrez
Shonelle Dutcher Donna Marshall
Budget NACO/NAACTFO Scholarship
Shannon Bell Monica Steele (typically past pres.) Sandi Borowy
Jennifer Elkins Laurie Steele
Brandi McNamee
Debbie Parsons
By‐Laws Website Treasurer’s Manual
Shonelle Dutcher Laurie Steele Nancy Wilson
Gayle Gutierrez Monica Steele
Donna Marshall
Laurie Steele
Certification Nomination OGFOA Liaison
Alice Durflinger, Certification Jennifer Elkins Mary Otley
Laurie Steele Brandi McNamee
Debbie Parsons
Monica Steele